Economic Calendar

    Closely Follow Economic Events Affecting Markets

    Assets’ movements largely depend on the release of economic and political data. Any piece of such data has a potential to turn markets upside down and, in so doing, open up invaluable opportunities for increasing profits. If traders remain unaware of upcoming news, they can easily overlook changes in the market and thereby miss a good chance to make money.

    At ReserveEX, we do everything in our power to alert traders to significant releases or events affecting individual security prices or markets as a whole. We bring important news to their attention by offering them the economic calendar, where we schedule dates of all important releases. With the help of our economic calendar, our customers can plan their trades, reallocate their portfolios, and closely watch indicators and chart patterns that can be influenced by economic and political news.    

    Among the economic events that REX writes down in its economic calendar are reports of new home starts, jobless claims, changes in the interest rate, reports from the Federal Reserve, reports from central banks, and economic surveys from many markets around the world. In our economic calendar, we place an equal focus on projections of future financial or economic events and reports on recent economic events.

    Equipped with the information reflected in our economic calendar, you will be able to move into and out of positions in keeping with our announcements. In doing so, you will capitalize on emerging trading opportunities and will make some extra money.

    Please, regularly check listings in REX’s economic calendar and mark down events that have a large impact on the markets.