The Demand for Commodities Will Never End

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    Energy commodities

    Energy commodities comprise hard commodities (both renewable as well as non-renewable resources/ commodities) which are usually mined or are extracted from mother earth.

    As for the current times, the most developed commodity market is in the non-renewable energy commodities. Resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas fall into this category. The trading growth in this category reflects the economic growth of any nation, organization, individual traders and so on. For instance, oil is a highly favored energy commodity that is widely sought after.

    Energy commodities are a very beneficial trading element and bring about a lot of profit if traded well. But given these commodities are nature and environment-based, things like weather and global warming affect their trading. Other factors such as politics and other economic events also affect its trading.

    Precious Metals

    People have been trading precious metals for thousands of years, and they’re still one of the most profitable and reliable trades around. Their tendency is to keep growing in value, particularly in times of economic volatility.

    Some of the wisest, richest investors on the planet put significant fortunes into precious metals, helping them weather turbulent economic conditions. And even in a standard market, precious metals provide the perfect opportunity for diversification of your portfolio.

    At REX, you can trade on the following metals:

    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Palladium
    • Platinum

    Important note: Bids, asks, spreads, market rates and margin requirements vary from country to country, according to law and regulation. At REX, our team always looks to deliver beneficial risk-management and precious metal solutions to our clients.