Investor Relations (IR)

    Investor Relations or IR is like the life-line between the Company and the users. The quality of IR designs the satisfaction levels of the users, the success of the company, mutual trust between the two, and so on. We at REX, take Investor Relations very diligently. All the investors, clients, and other platform users are dealt with utmost priority.

    IR branches out and takes care of various aspects of company-client relations. It covers aspects such as the finance sector, communication, and marketing, etc. We at REX support the users in the following manner:

    • Regularly informing the client/s about all the possible trading possibilities, opportunities, any possible dangers, and risks, etc. The objective behind doing so is to see that the investor never misses any valuable opportunity and stays ever ready to make intelligent investments as and when an opportunity presents itself.
    • Another point behind maintaining an active IR is to keep the users of the platform well informed about any new changes or modifications made to the rules related to securities and stock exchanges.
    • IR is not only the channel for the Company to use but is also a channel for the users to share their valuable feedback, insights, requests for any changes with the Company.

    In short, IR cultivates a healthy relationship between the capital market for future financing.