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    ReserveEX spares no effort to facilitate its customers’ understanding of how financial markets work. Its goal is to turn everyone’s trading into a seamless, successful, and profitable experience. To attain this goal, our programmers and designers have worked hard to build the REX’s sophisticated but user-friendly platform, the software enabling our traders to place trades and monitor their trading accounts. Because we want our customers to get the most out of our services, our platform comes bundled with such features as real-time quotes, charting tools, news feeds, and premium research. It also includes plenty of educational materials for your education and professional development.

    REX’s platform is also specifically tailored to such markets as currencies, stocks, options, and future markets. Whether you are interested in trading money or in acquiring companies’ shares, our platform has the assortment of all required features to guide you through the entire trading process to its successful completion. For day traders and other short-term traders, our platform offers such features as Level 2 quotes and market maker depth charts. They are inserted in our software to assist our traders with making informed trading decisions. There are also specific visual tools in our platform designed to visualize options strategies.

    REX’s platform is designed to make your trading journey pleasant, easy, and profitable. Please, register with ReserveEX to launch your trading career.

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