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    Our cryptocurrency tools and services help you in jump-starting with cryptocurrency trading in no time, and side by side helps you to gain great insights into the cryptocurrency trading market.


    REX opens the door to thousands of markets all over the world. No other provider offers more alternatives.


    REX offers its users a wide range of options when it comes to currencies. These currencies further come in ‘Classic’, ‘Platinum’ and ‘VIP’ categories.

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    Pave Your Road to Profitable Trading with Reserveex

    We equip you with deep knowledge of financial markets to enable you to trade with confidence. We have got all required tools and resources to turn you into a trading wizard: all-out access to thousands of markets and assets, live market updates, and well-composed educational courses will help you gain mastery of trading in a short time.

    A Rich Arsenal of Assets

    ReserveEX offers you a wide choice of trading instruments. With us, you can trade currencies, commodities, or digital money with equal ease and expertise. Whether you choose to buy companies’ shares, purchase gold, or trade cryptocurrencies, we will guide you to make the most informed trading decision. Unlimited access to thousands of financial markets is also guaranteed: whenever you live, you can enter any market – forex, money, stock, or bond – depending on your trading preferences and time zone.

    A Variety of Educational Materials

    At Reserveex, we believe that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Unwilling to see you fail because of lack of information, we have put maximum effort into collecting a variety of educational materials to teach you how to trade professionally. In our educational courses, training sessions, and webinars, REX’s experts will reveal major secrets of the trading game so that no move on the market takes you unawares. Armed with the right knowledge, you will soon begin trading without incurring large monetary risks.

    An Account Suited to Your Trading Needs

    Whatever is your level of trading professionalism, we will suit an account to your trading needs and experience. At Reserveex, we open five types of accounts: REX Standard, REX+, REX Gold, REXpert, and REX Platinum. Each of these accounts is specifically tailored to traders’ expertise and includes different services and bonuses. Among these services are consultations by senior account managers and market analysts, educational center, and invitations to REX’s VIP events. Whichever custom account you choose, you may stay assured that you will get the most out of collaboration with our company.  

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    Choose the Most Suitable Account

    No matter from what trading venue you come, REX has an account to suit your needs and trading experience. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, you can enjoy a wide range of services, bonuses, and freebies offered with each of our five accounts: REX Standard, REX+, REX Gold, REXpert, and REX Platinum.

    Depending on what account you choose, you will get full access to our educational center, webinar library, or one-on-one training sessions and will benefit from personal conversations with our senior account managers and market analysts. We will help you choose the right account so that you reap a just reward from our services. Join thousands of our existing customers and make your trading profitable.

    REX Standard

    Take Your First Step At REX, we do not uphold the policy of One Size Fits All. Traders come to us with a different trading...

    Our Mission

    At Reserveex, we believe that trading skills are not innate but acquired with proper training. We have, therefore, put forth an all-out effort to provide such a training to every trader who chooses our services. Our sophisticated platform, user-friendly tools, and well-researched educational materials will facilitate your entry to the world of trading. With our help, the door to your trading success will swing wide open. 

    A Trading Network Based on Trust

    At REX, we successfully combine thoughtful customer service characterized by an individual approach to every trader with deep knowledge of all aspects of the trading world. Our trading specialists will equip you with all required tools to turn your trading into an unqualified success.

    Professionalism, Commitment, Cross-National Operations
    Financial markets are often beset with troubles, drastically fluctuating and giving investors intense anxiety.

    Navigating through the trading world is, therefore, not an easy feat.
    Aware of the difficulties faced by traders, we dedicate ourselves to keeping them fully informed about all changes happening at financial markets.
    No matter how extremely assets rise and fall, backed by

     REX, you will capitalize on your assets’ moves and will make profits in the most volatile market atmosphere. Our experts have a rich trading experience under their belt, to which thousands of satisfied customers from a hundred countries testify in their testimonials and comments.

    But we are not resting on our laurels: we continue learning, we improve our services, we broaden our business horizons so that new traders joining our platform know that they have made the right choice by placing their trading in our hands.